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  1. lhoke2016@yahoo.com says:

    Thanks for the San Diego pictures. Had a home there for 10 years before moving to Texas. Really miss it.

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    1. Basil René says:

      I love, love, love San Diego! I decided I wanted to move there eventually the first time I visited there. Just those damned threats of earthquakes, the wild fires and drought! Other than that, it’s the closest thing there is to my version of heaven. 😁


      1. lhoke2016@yahoo.com says:

        Yah, all of those are viable issues along with sky high property prices. I’m an Ohio boy by birth and my first quake in ’85 was scary as hell. When you’re on the 19th floor of a high rise and can physically feel the building sway, the thought “What the hell am I doing here” comes to mind. 😁

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      2. Basil René says:

        Forgot about the prices too. Don’t know which is scarier, prices or natural disasters! 😁


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